How to Apply Fake Toenails

Published: 12th July 2011
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Fake toenails are the way to go, if you feel you don't have the kind of pretty toenails you would like.

The great thing about fake toe nails is being able to cover up a deformed or missing nail, so you can feel confident enough to go to the beach, or wear those great sandals you have had sitting in the cupboard all these years.

Artificial toenails are becoming more and more popular and are very easy to apply.

Another great thing about them is, being able to quickly stick them on for a night out, without having to worry about painting your own nails.

There are many types of fake toe nails you can buy, they come in a range of colors and shades, and you can even get ones with a French pedicure look. So you don't have to do it yourself.

You can buy the fake nails in kits which contain many different sizes to accommodate the many different size toenails.

How to apply Fake Toenails

You will need a packet of artificial nails, some nail clippers, nail file and glue.

1. To begin, soak your feet in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes, scrub with a pumice stone or foot scrub.

2. Dry thoroughly, and apply cuticle remover cream, after a few min clean off and gently push back cuticles with an orange stick.

3. Cut or file your toenails.

4. Put the false toenail over your own toenail and cut it or file it to fit your toe nail perfectly.

5. Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the fake nail. Place the nail over your toenail making sure it is placed at the edge of the cuticle line. Press gently for about 10 to 15 seconds.

The fake toe nail must not overlap your toenail or cut into your nail. Adjust the fake nail to fit correctly.

6. Repeat with the other toenails.

It is so easy and quick to apply fake toe nails.

If the nails are not colored, you can put your favorite nail polish on yourself.

Spray your toenails with an antifungal spray or powder, just to safeguard your toe nails from attracting fungus. This is a common problem with fake fingernails and the same does apply to your false toenails.

Once on, they can last up to about a week.

When you go out, put the glue into your handbag, just in case one comes loose, you can quickly glue the fake toenail back on again.

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