A Silica Supplement Helps Achieve Stronger Fingernails

Published: 11th March 2010
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Are you on the look out for something to help you achieve stronger fingernails? Many women and men today take a keen interest in their health and their fingernail health. Today more and more people are becoming aware fingernails reflect body health.

Taking a silica supplement will help strengthen fingernails, hair and give you a lovely clear complexion.

Your body needs silica, without it you could fall apart! Commonly known as silica or silicon it is very beneficial for your overall body health as well as your fingernail health.

Silica is a mineral and is only present in the body in minute concentrations, which is why taking a supplement can do wonders.

When you are young, your body is able to absorb and maintain high levels of silica, which is why children are very energetic, resilient and flexible.

Silica is also the reason why children have beautiful silky hair and smooth skin. As you age your supply of silica slowly depletes, resulting in wrinkles, weak fingernails, hair and other aging problems.

Silica benefits are many, it will improve your skin elasticity, strengthen teeth, gums, nails, help stop hair breakage, stimulate cell formation and metabolism and most important of all, slow down the aging process.

A silica supplement helps connective tissue (collagen formation), the development of bones, cartilage and healthy organs.

Silica is needed to help your body maintain and absorb adequate calcium, which is why a calcium supplement on its own usually does not work. Combine calcium with a vitamin D and silica and you have a power house for improving your health and fingernails.

When taking a supplement, it usually takes around 3 months before you will notice a difference. And it is just as important to give your body a short break from it every now and again.

Silica is found in foods such as; rice, barley, wheat, oats, millet, sunflower seeds, onions, cucumbers and strawberries.

Because of processed foods and soil depleted of minerals by chemical treatments, it can be hard to achieve the recommended amount.

Silica can be taken in tablet or liquid.

source: Beautiful Healthy Fingernails

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